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1-abc.net FTP Organizer 2.00
Transfer your files to a web server and back easier than ever!

With this program you can send your files that are saved locally on your computer or files from your local network to a web server. Of course, you can do this in both directions, just download online content from a server to your local machine.

There are lots of FTP programs available, some of them were updated since 25 years, but we do not know any FTP client which can be used so easily as this one! Simply select a local path or a network drive on the left, configure your FTP connection on the right … and you can start transferring your data immediately!

There is no need to know anything about transfer settings, just enter your server, your name and your password and anything else will be done by the program automatically. A very nice FTP connection check feature can try to upload and to download a small file if you like to make sure that everything is working fine.

You can change the transfer direction whenever you want or you can simply use drag+drop to copy your data from one folder to another. It does not only look so easy as if you would use any other file manager for local data (like Windows Explorer for example), it really is!

Your last folder settings are always saved for your next session. This means, whenever you use this program again, your last opened local path, your last used network directory and your last FTP connection are available again from the start!

1-abc.net FTP Organizer is your perfect tool for updating your website or to save your data extenally in your own, private cloud!

For Windows® Vista / 7 / 8, Download size: 255 KB

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Please note:

This 1-abc.net product is available in a multilingual version and includes following languages automatically:

English  German  French  Hungarian

Feature Overview:

  • Very easy-to-use interface
  • Send your local files to a web server
  • Download files from the web to your local machine or to a network drive
  • FTP connection check feature
  • Drag+Drop for exchanging files and folders
  • Last path and FTP settings are saved automatically
  • Tooltips to guide you step-by-step
  • Program can also be installed on USB sticks, camera cards or nearly all other rewritable media
  • Very low system resources required