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1-abc.net Website Visitor 1.00
Open many URLs at the same time scheduled and automatically!

Do you know this situation? Each time you turn on your computer you open the same five websites: Your favourite news site, your social media service, the content management system for your company website, a friend's blog and so on. Browsers only allow you to define one default start page, and all other web addresses must be entered manually.

1-abc.net Website Visitor closes this feature lack: Add as many websites as you like to a list, let the program be executed together with Windows and even let it close automatically again after your websites are opened.

By the way: instead of URLs you can also enter any other expression to execute anything on your computer (like a file path or a command line tool) too.

And the best: this tool is absolutely free to use. If you want to use it longer than 10 days you only have to register – also for free of course!

For Windows® Vista / 7 / 8, Download size: 242 KB


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Please note:

This 1-abc.net product is available in a multilingual version and includes following languages automatically:

English  German

Feature Overview:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Enter as many URLs as you wish and open them with just one click
  • Web addresses and settings are saved automatically
  • Program can be started together with Windows and be closed after websites are shown without any user interaction
  • Program can also be installed on USB sticks, camera cards or nearly all other rewritable media
  • Very low system resources required