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2012, December 26th
New version 6.00 of 1-abc.net File Encrypter with a new encryption method (Tiny Encryption Algorithm - TEA), folder adding feature, right click encryption function for Windows Explorer, automatic program startup and much more available now!

2012, December 12th
From now on you can also get 1-abc.net Android Apps from the stores of Synapsy.net (Australia) and AndroidPIT which allows you to use more payment options like PayPal and others.

2012, December 2nd
Completely new product for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 available: 1-abc.net Database - maybe the easiest database tool available! All data is based on *.csv files that can be imported and exported from and to nearly every calculation tool or data base program.

2012, November 16th
We updated our biggest tool package 1-abc.net Utility Box to version 6.00 now. Besides updates of nearly all 16 included modules we also added an interface that looks a bit like Windows 8 even on other Windows systems.

2012, November 2nd
1-abc.net Birthday Reminder 6 was released today! This new version offers you a full screen view even on program startup by option, extended backup functions and a reminder to create a backup of your birthday data.

Since we update our 1-abc.net mobile apps very often (at the moment one update per day) we only will inform you about major updates of such apps here. You can find out more about each mobile app update in Windows Store and on Google Play.

2012, October 26th
1-abc.net Personal Diary is the 10th Windows Store Apps by 1-abc.net and is available now!

2012, October 25th
Tomorrow Windows 8 will be released. 1-abc.net already offers 9 Windows Store Apps and a 10th one (1-abc.net Personal Diary) is expected to be certified by Microsoft during the next days. It seems that - at least in our home country Germany - 1-abc.net is the only professional software house offering so many 'real' Windows Store Apps from the beginning, most other ones mainly offer their desktop applications in the brand new Windows Store. Of course there will be more 1-abc.net Windows Store Apps and Android™ apps in the future and of course we will still update and extend our famous shareware tools for conventional Windows XP/Vista/7/8 systems.

We wish you much fun with 1-abc.net software - you can expect the same quality on ALL platforms.

2012, October 19th
1-abc.net Personal Diary 6.00 released, now with reminding messages if a password should be changed or if it would be time to backup your data, full screen mode and much more.

2012, October 5th
Our brand new 1-abc.net Backup 5 allows you to configure names of sub-folders in the backup path, to determine if you want to see the program minimized to systray one minute after an automatical start and to find out more about backuped data with extended history features. Now you can log completely what files were copied incrementally and much more!

2012, September 28th
First Android™ version of 1-abc.net Password Organizer released, including all feature from 1-abc.net Password Generator and much more. And: meanwhile there are 8 different 1-abc.net apps for Windows® 8 available in Windows® Store now - at the moment all of them can be installed for free.

2012, September 21st
Update version 5.00 of 1-abc.net Startup Booster available now including fantastic startup control to log startup changes even from other programs permanently.

2012, September 7th
Update version 5.00 of 1-abc.net Cleaning Box available now including all latest versions of 1-abc.net Hard Drive Washer, 1-abc.net Surf Trail Washer, 1-abc.net Registry Washer, 1-abc.net File Washer and 1-abc.net Duplicate Finder.

2012, September 6th
The first 1-abc.net apps certified for the new Windows® 8 modern UI style can be downloaded from Windows® Store for free: 1-abc.net Roman Numerals and 1-abc.net Password Generator (only works on Windows® 8).

2012, August 30th
New update version 2.00 for 1-abc.net Password Generator for Android™. This new version offers the same feature for creating passwords based on login and master passwort as 1-abc.net Password Organizer for Windows® does now. A perfect free app if you use Windows® at home and Android™ on your mobile device!

2012, August 24th
Updated again: 1-abc.net Password Organizer is available in version 6.00 now. This new version includes a new password generating feature based on your login data and your personal master password, optional password or login hiding and a function to close the program automatically when it was not used for a while.

2012, August 17th
1-abc.net Personal Diary 1.00 for Android™ mobile devices available now!

2012, August 10th
1-abc.net Personal Calendar 4.00 for Windows® is available now, 1-abc.net Personal Notebook PREMIUM including encryption technology can now be purchased for only $0.99 for Android™ mobile devices.

2012, July 27th
Update version 6.00 of 1-abc.net Registry Washer available now. New export features, a maximizable results screen, auto selection or un-selection for found Registry entries to delete and much more included!

2012, July 13th
Update version 2.00 of 1-abc.net Clipboard Organizer with minimize to systray feature, printing feature, export to *.txt feature, report wiping feature and much more released!

2012, June 29th
Update version 4.00 of 1-abc.net File Configuration Box available now. 7 of 8 modules were updated completely!

2012, June 15th
Update version 3.00 of 1-abc.net Hotkey Organizer available now. Let the program start automatically with Windows, minimize it to systray, sort your entries and much more new features!

2012, June 8th
New Android™ app: 1-abc.net Roman Numerals.

2012, June 1st
1-abc.net is 7 years old now! Celebrate with us and get all 1-abc.net Windows® tools bundled for only $69.99 instead of $649.70! Click here to find out more ...

2012, May 19th
1-abc.net Right Click Configurator is now available in version 5.00. New features: Add program of right click entry to desktop, program menu or favorites, extended report features, context menu for faster access to most used features and much more. Click here to find out more ...

2012, May 11th
New Android™ app for saving your personal notes by entering the data via keyboard or the integrated voice control: 1-abc.net Personal Notebook FREE - yes, you do not have to pay anything and you won't see ads or something like this.

2012, May 4th
Update version 5.00 of 1-abc.net Duplicate Finder available, now with accelerated search by checking for CRC32 checksums in an extra process, extended options screen, deleting to Recycle Bin or wiping files completely and much more.

2012, April 27th
New Android™ app: 1-abc.net Password Generator.

2012, April 20th
1-abc.net Surf Trail Washer 6.00 released - supports all latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome, displays paths to temporary internet folders, now with optimized cookies features and much more !

2012, April 12th
New Android™ app: Convert volume values from and to liters, gallons, barrels and much more easily with 1-abc.net Volume Calculator 1.00.

2012, April 6th
New update version of 1-abc.net Drive Space Organizer 4.00 now with optimized search, cancelling feature for the analyzing process, progress bar, and context menu with access to many features like wiping file directly.

2012, March 30th
1-abc.net Weight Calculator for Android™ devices available now - convert weights from and to kg / tons / lbs / stone and so on easily wherever you are!

2012, March 19th
New update versions: 1-abc.net File Finder 5.00 and 1-abc.net File Divider 4.00.

2012, March 15th
1-abc.net Length Calculator for Android™ devices available now - convert lengths from and to miles / kilometers / inches / feet and so on easily wherever you are!

2012, March 9th
New Android™ app: Check your body mass index (BMI) with the brand new 1-abc.net BMI Calculator easily on your mobile Android™ device. New Windows® product update: 1-abc.net Security Box 4.00 includes all functions from the latest version of 1-abc.net Backup, 1-abc.net File Encrypter, 1-abc.net File Washer, 1-abc.net Password Organizer, 1-abc.net Personal Diary and 1-abc.net Synchronizer.

2012, February 25th

New update version 6.00 of 1-abc.net Hard Drive Washer released. New in this version: totally re-designed 'Options' dialogs, configurable exceptions list now with the option to add relative or full paths to files or folders, erase deleted files completely with the wiping feature so they can not be recovered again, see and modify default temporary folder, check files before deleting by executing them from the results list directly and much more.

2012, February 17th

1-abc.net website for Android™ mobile apps available now. As you know this from other 1-abc.net tools of course all our Android™ apps will be small, fast, easy to use and secure. Of course no 1-abc.net app will ever check your personal data, read your text messages, collect your contacts or GPS data and so on.

The 1st app is 1-abc.net Temperature Calculator 1.00. Fahrenheit, Celsius, Rankine and many other temperature degrees are available all over the world. Here is your mobile app to calculate all these different values automatically simply by entering any of them.

2012, February 10th

The new version 4.00 of 1-abc.net File Remamer includes several sorting options, a backup feature to reverse your renaming work if necessary, sequential number renaming and new date and time formats. We do not know any better featured renaming program than 1-abc.net File Renamer.

2012, January 27th

Major update version available: 1-abc.net File Washer 5.00 with tooltips, configurable path to the history file, scheduler to wipe files and folders automatically after a previously defined time period and much more!

2012, January 11th

New version available: 1-abc.net Personal Addresses 4.00 now with full screen mode, *.sqlite import features, keep sorting order and filter settings for the next start and much more!

2012, January 1st

Happy new year :-)

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