1-abc.net Windows-Software since 2005

1-abc.net Privacy Policy

User's privacy has highest priority in our company. In contrast to many other companies our website does not include any cookies, no analyzing tools, no personalized advertisings or any other components of message services or social networks.

Software registration

Personal data is only saved when you enter anything for a software registration. This registration data includes your e-mail address and your name if you want to enter it by yourself. Additionally, your IP address, date, time and version of the software product are saved.

Use of personalized data

Your e-mail address and your name (if you entered it before) will only be used for correspondence between the 1-abc.net team and the end user. Your data is not given away to any other persons or companies.

Information about your personal data and deleting

By sending an e-mail to us we can always tell you what of your data is saved by us. You can also ask for manual deleting of your data from our servers.

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